Intimacy with God- Uncovering the Veil


Scripture References: Psalms 14:2, Psalms 27:8, Matthew 26:36-46, Luke 19:10, Luke 22:39-46, John 15:16, Acts 91-10, Acts 9:17-18

 There is a marriage that takes place between man and women but the greater marriage is between us and our father. The problem is that we have not removed the veil and it has stayed covered.

Stage 1: Complete rebellion, we have said no to the proposal. God has been seeking after us and proposed but most of us have said no.

Stage 2: Yes to the dress, we have said yes to God and his proposal. There has been a shift in our hearts to turn away from our sins. We have encountered God.

There has not been the right pursuing of the father to get to stage 3 and it is not his will for us to stay in stage 2 but there is not enough commitment.

Stage 3: Full commitment to pursuing intimacy and this is where complete healing and deliverance takes place.

We go to worship, prayer, and reading the word with a veil. We never receive the fullness of God. We are trying to commune with God with a wall built up which keeps us from seeing his heart.

God is asking us to be intimate with him and although we have been having encounters with him our foundation is not strong enough so he wants to uncover the veil.

We won’t know the heart of God if we still have on the veil.

 Uncovering the veil requires:

1.       Devotion: Exclusive dedication where nothing else matters. It has to become a part of our lifestyle. We have to be willing to rearrange our life for true intimacy and give him our all.

2.       There must be a burden if we want true intimacy with God. It will feel like a weight that is keeping us down.

3.       We must be at a place of surrender. At this point we can’t bear it anymore and we are longing to seek the father. He wants to realign and preposition us.

When was the last time you fell flat on your face in prayer?

Intimacy with God requires a different posture

What’s your posture like?

What is your hearts posture?

4.       There needs to be a shift in our prayers. We have to re position our prayers

The launching point before battle will be prayer

Only in prayer will things shift

We are relying on insurance when God want to be the direct line.