Pruning Season: Peace

One More Night With the Frogs

Reference Scriptures:
Galatians 5:22-23
Exodus 8:1-15
Romans 8:15-20


The flesh produces and the spirit produces. When we are not producing fruits, we are still producing something. The spirit produces what it is. When we have not been producing fruits of the spirit we must ask ourselves why the spirit is not there. When we are not producing of the spirit, we are producing of the flesh. 

When peace is not there, pride is there. "It's a pride issue"

Pride keeps us from oneness from God.

In Exodus chapter 8 there were 10 plagues all because Pharaoh would not listen when God sent Moses to commanded that he let the Israelite's go. 


The plague of the frogs was the first to attack Pharaoh's home, and that's when he felt consumed. This was the plague that every where he turned it was there, all the other plagues happened around him.

Things happen around us but it doesn't consume us so usually we think we have things under control. The sin that consumes us is apart of us, it makes our pride rise.

The things that we struggle with is our frogs. These are the things we deal with everyday that consumes us. Pharaoh is our flesh and it has our spirit bound and we never know when negotiations are going on. Just like the Israelite's didn't know negotiations were being made to set them free because they were in bondage.

Flesh has declared war on our spirit. Our spirit is who God ordained us to be, our spirit has a word spoken over it and our spirit has been spoken before time began. The desires of the flesh keeps us out of oneness with God and out of peace.

It's pride that hawks deliverance. Pride wont let things go. Flesh has our spirit so far down that we don't know what hope looks like.

Attributes of Pride

  1. It keeps us blind, it has us seeing what we want to see.
  2. Pride is superficial, it allows us to believe we are giving something up. The Lord doesn't want our acknowledgement, he wants our service.
  3. Pride will keep you silent and keep you from the presence of God, that's why we are lost.

We desire MORE!

When we forget who we are and not listen to the voice of God, we fall back into the voice of our old masters. (our struggles)

Pride will have us believing in order to reach God, we have to be perfect and clean. He doesn't look for outward appearance but our heart. If pride is there, he can not live there. 

Inside of us is a Isarealite, and the deliverer is here!

Pride pulls us back from God and we must walk in the spirit to live by the spirit. 

The deliverer is here and FREEDOM is here. The only way to pertain oneness, we must have peace.

Love is the foundation. We must love the Lord first and love our neighbors next. Joy is our strength, and peace is how we live. With the joy of the Lord in our lives is when we live out our lives in peace. Without love, joy, and peace longsuffering will take us out. Longsuffering producing character, hope, and percerverence. 


The deliverer is her and coming to set us free!!