Intimacy With God- Knowing your opponent


Scripture References: Exodus 32:1, Nehemiah 6:1-19, Jeremiah 33:3, Lamentations 5:7, Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 1:17, Ephesians 6:11, Hebrew 13:20-21

Death and Life is in the power of the tongue and we are over come by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies. There is power in opening our mouths.

Revelation is the key for the testimony to be fulfilled. Revelation is correction and brings clarity to what God has already shown you, revealing his divine truth.

We should always be asking God what is he trying to show us. This allows engagement with the holy spirit. He is asking us to call him.

We should not only ask for wisdom because wisdom mixed with our flesh can cause pride. We must ask for wisdom and revelation because to directs us back to God. Revelation uncovers the veil.

When we neglect the will of God we are hanging up on God’s promises for us. When we do our own will, he will disconnect form us. He cannot connect with disobedience.

Every battle looks different and every opponent will be different. Some battles will be longer and others will be shorter. We need to know our weaknesses, where we are the most vulnerable for attack. If we are being attacked in the same areas, that means the enemy has figured us out. He has gained legal access to our weaknesses.

It’s time we realized there is a scouters report of us. The enemy has our scouters report and has studied everything about us. There is a strategic plan out to get us and we must combat that. We need to do self inventory and know where are the areas in our life that has the least protection.

We must ask ourselves:

What’s in our scouters report?

What does the enemy have against us?

Is there any family history?, Issues we haven’t repented from?

When we know our opponent is out to get us, we are alert and we stay on guard.

The enemy knows where to attack us which is by our actions and our family tree, because we are carrying over sin from many generations before us that we keep holding on to.

All sin has a starting point and we always show signs. We must be patient or we will loose sight of the vision and purpose. We cant allow our surrounding to control or emotions or we will began to question God’s vision. All prayers have a starting posture. We have to develop patience in this season of intimacy.

How have we fallen with intimacy with God?

  1. Being impatient. This has been inherited from our forefathers. We don’t want to wait but we want to rush.

  2. We have allowed the same tactics to live in our corners. We have been using the same strategies and the enemy has learned them all.

  3. We have prematurely hung up on God. We hung up before his revelation, encouragement, direction, and healing has come through.

God requires us to wait a little bit longer and we must guard against the tactic of rushing.

You must ask yourself, What has been your personal veil?